Your story is the backbone of your vision. The right messaging will bring the right people. Focus on that first and the rest will follow. 

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Copy that brings your clients home

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Property Descriptions

Scroll stopping copy that showcases your property in the best light! 

If you think the property description doesn't matter, think again. Remember, we're painting a lifestyle here. It's more than lot size, apartment community or distance from the beach.

Your clients want to envision the memories they can make and creating real estate copy that helps them see the potential is imperative. 

Whether they're moving in forever or calling it home for a week every summer, I will craft creative copy that showcases all the necessities in a way that makes people feel at home and drives them to take action.

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Brochure Creation

It's not always easy to fit the beauty of your property in a paragraph. ​That's where digital brochures can help. Our digital brochures offer carefully curated layouts that mix visual photographs you provide with the magic of storytelling so that your clients can understand the full potential. 

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Website Copy Overhaul

Timeline - 5-6 weeks


You have about 15 seconds to capture someone's attention when they come to your website. ​That means that the "why" needs to hit them from every angle. 

Why are they here? Why should they trust you? Why is this the right choice for them?

Our website overhaul will dig deep into your pages and see how we can improve your current storytelling strategy. 

What's included?

  • Home page, About Page, 5 Property Descriptions or Agent Bios + 2 additional pages of choice

  • Brand and market research

  • Two revision rounds to make it just right

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Biography Refresh

Whether you're just starting your career as a leasing or real estate agent or you're seasoned and looking for a refresh, I can help project your talents and personality so that clients know exactly why your are the right choice for them.

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Social Media Copy

Beautiful photos are great, but if someone doesn't know what they're looking at, what's the point?

My most popular package is a monthly refresh. You send over up to 20 photos and I send back unique & enchanting copy for each one. All you have to do is copy & paste into your social management system and you're good to go. 

I craft social media packages of all shapes and sizes depending on your needs. Let's chat about what you're looking for and design a package that's best for you.

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