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I worked closely with a coffee brand that launched their rebrand in 2020 and needed updated copy on all platforms that fully captured their vibrant personality and philanthropical mission. Copy included company history, about us, product descriptions, blogs and taglines for both their website, social media and Amazon. Keeping in line with their upbeat and bubbly tagline, I created product descriptions and copy that would intrigue coffee lovers, but still keep sight of the quality of each roast. 

Another North Carolina based coffee brand launched in 2022. With

only a logo ready, I cultivated a backstory to 

better connect the brand with its customers. 

Being that the logo was a rooster, I leaned toward the "up before done" and "early riser" mentality. Yet, I wanted the message to be all inclusive and capture a little bit of something in everyone. Ultimately I built off the tagline, "welcome to your moment of calm."

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