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Your Real Estate Bio is Important - Here's Why!

The number of real estate agents from 2020-2021 increased by 60%. The housing market is on fire. So, most likely you're running between showings thinking, why do I need a real estate bio?

Well, though there is room for everyone, the uptick in agents makes for some fierce competition. Having a professionally written real estate bio can help you stand out among the crowd. Not only that, but a bio is your chance to show off.

Even if someone was referred to you, chances are they're still going to want to learn more about you and your experience. A bio is where you highlight your past accomplishments so that prospective buyers can read first hand what you've done. It's where you can lay out your expertise for the specific area you're targeting.

A prospective buyer wants to know that their agent is truly an expert when it comes to areas they will be searching. Not only that, but if you have a specific niche such as apartments, luxury homes, or are a pro with first time home buyers, your future client wants to know this! It will help them feel much more comfortable with you and confident in your ability to ultimately reach their end goal.

Your bio is also a great place to have some fun and foster a connection before they even pick up the phone. Showcase your hobbies and things you do when you're not selling real estate. Tell them if you're a dog or cat person. Let them in on a little quirk or fun fact. Connection is so important when someone is trusting you in such a big life decision. A similar hobby or interest could be a key reason someone decides to choose you.

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