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Social Media Content Real Estate Agents Should Be Posting

I spend a lot of time scrolling on Instagram. It's part of my job, so I forgive myself for the late night rabbit hole I sometimes go down.

One of those rabbit holes I went down was that of real estate agents posting their success. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE to share in the joy of others successes. I'm the first to give a pat on the back and a big hug when someone reaches a milestone.

What I see more often though is something along the lines of, "so excited for my clients who sold their home for X over asking price."

Is there something wrong with this tactic? Not necessarily, but if you're using Instagram or any social media as that matter, remember, it's not about you. The line above, though it says, so excited for my client, let's read between the lines.

What it's really saying is, "hire me and I'll get you a lot of money." And money is great. We all love money and the higher the offer the better. However, Novel Daze is all about shifting our mindset from selling to storytelling. That means the numbers come second.

Here's some new real estate agent tips for what you should be posting about on social media:

  • The fact your sellers can now breathe easy as they head off to their fresh start in a new state

  • The extra bedroom your buyers now have to welcome a new child

  • How the long wait for a yard is now over and your buyer's rescue pup is now having a blast running wild & free

By talking about your own successes in this way, you're evoking emotion. You're allowing potential buyers/sellers to picture what their own life may look like should they hire you.

Try it out! I challenge you to add in 2-3 emotion evoking Instagram posts over the next couple of weeks and see how they do!

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