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Leasing Consultants - Do This to Increase Your Closing Rate

I had no idea when I first started my leasing consultant career how much I would use my writing experience. And I don't mean in emails. I used my ability to tell stories during every single tour I gave.

My storytelling would start as soon as we left the leasing office. I'd walk through our social hub and talk about the two girls in building 1 who are now best friends after meeting right here at a resident event. They now walk their dogs together every evening.

In between the stories, I'd ask questions to get to know them a little better. By alternating between real stories in our community and discovery questions, I found that the person was much more willing to open up to me. They were able to react to what I was saying and even start to tell me stories of their own.

Getting to know potential residents was my favorite part of leasing apartments. By the time we even entered an apartment, I felt as if I had built a great connection with them and even better understood what they were looking for.

I'd walk into an apartment and instead of pointing out the obvious features, I'd start talking about all the things they could do in here. I'd point to a nice space by the patio door where the dog bed could go. I'd walk over to the kitchen and pick out the perfect spot their herbs and then move to the living room to the wall that would best fit their book collection.

I loved being able to reinforce the positives and get them really excited about the space and all of its potential. By spending the time getting to know them, I also felt as if they were comfortable enough to speak their objections. If they thought the room was too small or didn't like the view, this allowed me to do a couple different things.

  1. It allowed me the opportunity to list out the things they loved and ask where those objections ranked within that list. This approach allows them to really think about what truly matters to them. Sometimes it isn't as big of a deal as they originally thought.

  2. The other thing their comfort level allowed me to do was use that as an opportunity to check the availability of other apartment options for them. If they really didn't like the view, perhaps there was another one available that might have a better one.

I think that by really engaging in conversations and sharing stories during tours gives more opportunities for the leasing consultant to answer questions and help address concerns. Someone who isn't comfortable enough will leave afterwards and you'll find out once they signed at a difference apartment how they hated the view or the color of the kitchen cabinets. By then it's too late to tell them you had other options.

I know that was a long post, so let's recap! Here are 5 steps to help build connection & increase your closing rate as a leasing consultant.

  1. Tell stories about your community and its residents

  2. Ask questions

  3. Allow them to share their own stories

  4. Show them the potential

  5. Address objections with solutions

Let me know if you found this post helpful!

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