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Crafting copy that truly helps

your clients feel at home

Copywriting & email marketing for
Real Estate, Multi-Family Properties
& Vacation Rentals

Helping your clients envision a lifestyle

I started my career in real estate about five years ago. I was a seasoned marketing professional selling products and services for multi-million dollar businesses, but it was the moment I stopped selling apartments and started helping prospects envision a lifestyle that my success in real estate flourished. 

I found that it's more important to paint a picture of how family meals can be enjoyed around the large island rather than spotlighting the mahogany wood the island was made of. 


With so many moving parts in the world of real estate and property rentals, it's easy for the storytelling to get lost, but I believe that shifting from a selling to storytelling mindset is essential to moving properties faster. That's why I'm here! You do what you do best - Develop, Manage & Sell. Leave the real estate copywriting & storytelling to me. 

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It's me, Courtney

I accidentally stumbled upon a real estate career while trying to "make it" in the music industry in Nashville. I joined a rockstar team to help lease-up a  400 unit urban property in record time. Now, I'm combining more than a decade of marketing experience with my passion for real estate to help multi-family properties, vacation rentals and real estate firms capture the attention of their ideal client. 

Shifting copy from a selling to a storytelling approach leads to:

  • Attracting more leads 
  • Higher booking rates
  • More onsite tours
  • Quicker transactions 


Novel Daze Creative has a niche focus in copywriting for real estate, property management and vacation rentals! That means that we're in the trenches daily with a full understanding of the industry and the desired outcome. We craft strategic copy that captures attention and drives results.

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I'll take all the important information about your property and turn it into picturesque copy that influences people to take action

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& Brochures

Creating compelling copy that places your properties in the best light is my specialty. Whether it's simple property descriptions for websites or a full-blown artistic brochure, I've got you covered!

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Let's work together to craft the right copy for your email marketing campaigns for past & future prospects

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Real Estate Industry Biographies

Welcoming a new agent to your team? Ready for a new spin on your own career highlights? Let's chat!

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