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book marketing services for independent authors

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Let's put your passion on pages

Let's be real. As an author you spend all day writing. You're working on deadlines and by the time the day is over your eyes hurt. Believe me I know. I've been there! Sometimes, the last thing you want to do is sit down and think of more creative writing to help market your book. That's where I come in!


My  job is to seamlessly develop digital, website and book copy that speaks from your heart. They aren't my words, they are the culmination of the story derived from your soul so that each and every word reflects the true story of your author journey.

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It's me, Courtney

With almost two decades of marketing experience and eight published books under my belt, I am excited to use my knowledge and creative writing talents to help other authors shine. My goal is to take the creative marketing off your hands so that you can do what you do best... write books.  My approach to writing is to:​

  • Attract the tribe that is addicted to your genre
  • Showcase your accolades and uniqueness in a saturated market
  • Build desire for others to want more from you
  • Help you successfully stand out among the crowd

Be Intentional

Novel Daze Creative works with all kinds of independent writers! Though I'm most experienced in romance, women's fiction and cozy mystery genres, I'm confident that no matter what you write, I can help showcase the magic of your story.

Novel Daze Creative is for you if:

  • Trying to market your book is making your head spin.

  • You've spent hours working on your newest blurb only to still be staring at a blank page. 

  • You're ready to level up your author brand and build connections with your readers

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Creating book marketing copy or author brand stories that relate to all steps of the book publishing process.

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Let's work together to create a sequence of automated emails that sets intention, creates trust & drives genuine action with your readers

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We do not get to where we're going by dreaming. We only arrive by doing

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